[ITAOC] Show #2 November 2013 On HardSoundRadio

In The Arkane Of Core was a Monthly Show on web radio HardSoundRadio host and mix but Dj Arkane and friends.

[ITAOC] Show #2 On HardSoundRadio November 2013 with

Arkane :

Playlist :
move your feet (keep your hands up! & stop buying all that crap pop music mix!)
B2 Fifth Era – Untitled
B1 Emperator, The – Steel Manufactory
AA Ant – Untitled
05-Special Acid Edition-Deliri
A Ant & Nick Grater – Untitled
A1 Nightshade – The Chosen One
03-chris liberator et the geeze-our shit is out
B2 DJ Dano & Kay D. Smith – First Fight
radio on one
Strange Rotation EP
B2 Emperator, The – Death
Octodred – X-Citor 23
PCP’s Phuture Project – Escape From 2017 (The Theme)
With Intent to Distort
Euston Texas (Return Of The Hoover)
Symphonies Of Steel Part 1
A-Track – Gangsta breaks ( ammo records am004 )

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Low Entropy : Miro Tribute

born 1980 in Hamburg, Germany. in 1996 i discovered the world of hard electronic music…
and immediately fell in love with it… i never heard music with that extreme energy and passion behind it before…
in 1997 i decided to create music myself… my style back then was mostly experimental hardcore, breakcore and speedcore…
in 2000 i had my first release then, my 12″ on Blut recordings.
later that year, Betty Bombshell and me started a show on the terrestrial radio station « FSK » in Hamburg.
the idea of the show was to broadcast music from the experimental and hard music scenes to an audience that might have not much contact with that kind of sound before. Betty left the show in 2001.

there was still a need for that kind of thing in Hamburg; Sampler19 and me teamed up, and we created the « Hamburg Hardcore Radio » show.
apart from playing old and new records and tracks from the hard scenes on air, we also did many all-night shows, featuring a lot of guest DJs. later, The Man Unknown and DJ Escada joined us, and we started a crew that did the radio shows together.

in 2002 a 12″ by me was released on Praxis, i was very happy about this release, but i do not want to hype myself here, so i won’t say too much.
later that year my 12″ on Black Monolith came out, which was again a bit different than my earlier releases, because it was an Hardacid/Acidcore EP.
2002 was also the year when me and Sampler19 started the « All-Out Demolition! » parties in Hamburg. later, DJ Escada and The Man Unknown joined our crew there, too.
the idea of All-Out Demolition! was to create a party series for the extreme, interesting and experimental types of Hardcore and Breakcore – parties for that type of sound only happened very rarely in Hamburg back then.
in 2003, an album by me was released on Widerstand records. but again, i do not want to hype myself too much. the sound was in the various « styles » i produced in so far… breakcore, noize, ambient…

today the styles of the music i produce include breakcore, acidcore, doomcore and dark ambient.

influences on my work include: william gibson, stanislaw lem, bruce sterling, franz kafka, max stirner

musical influences include krautrock, postpunk, new wave, detroit, rave, acid house, classical avantgarde, dark ambient, industrial, chiptunes, gabber, hardcore techno

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Dr Blood :

Dr Blood Is  A french Dj since 1980, he started Djing when he was child, in differnetes styles of music disco , funk, rock
But in 1989 he meet liza n Eliaz and learn to her how to mix, after that meet, he start mixing hardcore techno and core music.
HE explain how make Frenchcore to Radium and Alcore, and find the micropint word for their group, maybe because he keep it to much.
Since that time and after drugs abuse he spend time to the psycatric hospital and rehab, he made some trip there.
he continue to mix at the hospital for his public and fan during day and night.
He doesn’t know social network so you just can meet it at the hospital.

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