[ITAOC] Show #3 December 2013 On HardSoundRadio

In The Arkane Of Core was a Monthly Show on web radio HardSoundRadio host and mix but Dj Arkane and friends.

[ITAOC] Show #3 On HardSoundRadio December 2013 with

Arkane :

Playlist :
A Katharsis – Le Chemin De L’éternel
A1 Doormouse – Toxic Jungle (Rave 2000 Edit Mix)
B1 Doormouse – Skelechairs (Venetian Snares Remix)
B Igor – It’s So Empty (Remixed By Noize Creator)
A2 Speed Freak, The – Untitled
A1 Wendy Milan – Untitled
B2 A.I.D.S. – Hypnose
A1- Dj Stahlin Tour de Core
A2 Shadowchaser – A Journey Of Force
B1 Duff – Nin
B1 John Dark – Le Rythme Infernal
B2-Venom-Domination By sound
B2 Bazooka – Untitled
B2 Angel Flo – XR Master II
A2 Venom – No Caution
B2- Napalm – Untilted
B2 Katharsis – Jéhova

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Man :

Playlist :Playlist :
1.Too Hot (Lowroller Remix) byIgor
2. » HYBRID  » byDeformer
3.Crossroad byLowroller
4.Digital Chemistry byDither
5.No Fear byLowroller
6.Adopted To The Dark byDither
7.Gunz Up ( AK-Industry & Igneon System remix) byI:Gor feat.Feel-X
8.Smile About That byTieum & Angerfist
9.Gunz up byI:Gor feat. Feel-X
10.Vulgar display of power byTieum & Neophyte
11.Die This Way (N3AR Remix) byFrazzbass et The Horrorist
12.My Word And My Balls byTieum
13.Zershlagen byFrazzbass et The Horrorist
14.Never Look Back byTymon
15.Kontraktor byTieum

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AShCore : Bloc 46 Tribute

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