[ITAOC] Show #5 Febuary 2014 On HardSoundRadio

In The Arkane Of Core was a Monthly Show on web radio HardSoundRadio host and mix but Dj Arkane and friends.

[ITAOC] Show #5 On HardSoundRadio Febuary 2014 with


Desolation :

Among the players in the dark electronic scene, Desolation is probably one of the blackest.
Rage, anger, brutality are his watchwords.
His compositions are exclusively dedicated to the horrific waves of doomcore, to industrial darkcore limbo and to the aggressiveness of speedcore atmospheres.
Dark and Manichean. No other perspective.
Long way to hell
Julien discovers Hardcore in 1993 with the legendary Dutch parties Mysteryland and thunderdome among many others.
1997: Creation of his first Hardcore sound system : Klynikal. Many parties are emerging, and he’s got his sights set on a new project ….
2001: Creation of the label Koreine. This crew will turn to production, including his own creations and those of Revision 1.1 and AI.DS
2002: Darkside, First Julien’s scene name . Encouraged by his friend Revision and Helius Zhamiq from Kbal sound system, he begins his career as a composer. He releases his first album …
2005: « Tenebrae Eternae.
2006: « Dark Funeral ».
In 2007, he joins the associations Kbal / Artskorps, with whom he still works with today. The same year sorts out a double cd, »Shamanik », along with A.I.D.S.
2009: After a lot of live shows he’s been produced on vinyl with the label Ultra.BrainDance

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Hells Authority :

Hells authority comes from Metal, and it can be heard in his sound.
The bombast, the accomplished aesthetics of the melody, the taste of darkness and despair. Everything is represented.
The roots are here.
2000, the first sketches of 2 years in a metal band.
Then comes the revelation: 2002 and Hardcore in all its glory.
Born Musician, he decided to produce initially in 2005 under the name Metamphkore and finds himself bond to the collective Franco-Swiss Apokaliptik Terror. His beginnings are in 2009 with the live Dark Matter 1.0, followed a year later by 2.0.
The turning point occurs during the release of « Warlords EP”, with Lord Sinister, on the netlabel Night Terror Recordings. He changed his name and opted for Hells Authority, naturally for his Doom and Darkcore aspirations .
Since then, the projects keep coming regularly.
In December 2010, “ The Evil Within ” is born: 4 tracks on the English digital label Hardcore Central.
In June 2011  » First day in purgatory  » : 4 tracks on the Italian digital label Digital Plague.
In october 2012 : 1 track  » Journey into afterlife » on the label Legion Nightmare.

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Lord Sinister :

– Initiator of the Legion Nightmare project, Lord Sinister claims the Darkness through a harmonious and disillusioned sound. Here resonate damned choirs and mortuary hymns. The funeral march is unveiled and exhumes the darkest designs of human being, expressed by a dystopian and grandiloquent tone.

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