[ITAOC] Show #10 August 2014 On HardSoundRadio

In The Arkane Of Core was a Monthly Show on web radio HardSoundRadio host and mix but Dj Arkane and friends.

[ITAOC] Show #10 On HardSoundRadio August 2014 with

Arkane :



B2 Kronos Device – The Structure
A English Muffin – The Blood Of An English Muffin
B2 English Muffin – Follow The Leader
A1 DX-13 – Sistem Hard
AA1 DX-13 – N°1
B2 Machines – Aggro
B1 Machines – R8-808
A2 Machines – In The Machine
A2 – Mind Destroyer
A2 Fallen Angel , Fifth Era – Vengeance Is Mine
A1 Machines – Acid Storm
A1 – U Trippin
B1 – Robert Armani – Source
A3-Needle Damage
A1 Deaz D Featuring DJ Fish – Dark En’Trance
B1 Deaz D Featuring DJ Fish – A Track Called Wanda

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Low Entropy :

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