[ITAOC] Show #11 September 2014 On HardSoundRadio

In The Arkane Of Core was a Monthly Show on web radio HardSoundRadio host and mix but Dj Arkane and friends.

[ITAOC] Show #11 On HardSoundRadio September 2014 with


Arkane :

Playlist :

Fifth Era vs James Dark – Make The Party Dark
doom hk –  Spectrum in the frog
Mescalinum United – We are Arrived
Ybrid – Vertiko
Fifth Era vs James Dark – Make The Party Dark ( Record at klub Zasole)
Maxx Feat. Dogmatic – Party On!
Lenny Dee & Promo – I Called You
Jeff Amadeus – Attack
The Emperator – No Asslickers
Jeff Amadeus – The Bell
Lenny Dee vs Dj Paul – All Of Us Are One People
Program 1 – World’s Famous MF ( fractured Skull Edit)
Lenny Dee vs Dj Paul – Pump It Up
Program 1 – Betrayer (Pow!)
Lenny Dee vs Dj Paul – Who Killed The beatboxteacher
Nordcore G.M.B.H – Nordcore Attack (Rapid-S RMX)
Lenny Dee Vs Dj Paul – I Like Hardcore (Dj Neophyte RMX)

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Low Entropy :

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Zatrex :

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