[ITAOC] Show #12 October 2014 On HardSoundRadio

In The Arkane Of Core was a Monthly Show on web radio HardSoundRadio host and mix but Dj Arkane and friends.

[ITAOC] Show #12 On HardSoundRadio October 2014 with


Arkane :


Playlist :

A1 Igor – Sztorm
A1 DJ Tense & Nevermind – The Violence
B1 – A.I.D.S. – Fucambie
A2 DJ Enthrall & Angstorm – Extr. S.O.S
A2 Fiend – Deathroom
B1 Darkside – Release The (Dark) Power
[AAR 002] A3 – Speedcore Whore – Dirty Metro
A1 Kriss d’Angoass – Saturday Night Holocaust Part1
A2 Kriss d’Angoass – Saturday Night Holocaust Part2
A1 Fist Of Fury – Black Alpha Beta
A1 Paf Le Chien – J’Exige Un Collier A Clous
B2 Erase Head – Terzorg
A1 Sram – Elektrik Pixies
A1 Erase Head – Dome
A1 Frazzbass – Torture (The Destroyer Rmx)

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Lawrencium :

Artist, compositor of hard electronic musics. He began his musical adventure very early under the i2 nickname. Fascinated by extrem sounds and the speed, he starts his project Lawrencium to go beyond bpm counters. With Einrich 3600 bpm, they think about the possibility of the surdimmensional sound the « Extratöne ». Suffering from the hardteck and frenchcore in France, he is one of the first french speedcore live act to join the european line ups. His first track was published by the swiss label Mascha Records in 2001. His music, powerfull and combined with Noise, shocked the minds and ears. His « No Important » cd proves there’s any boundaries in music.
In 2006, he created his own label Destruction on which he signed a split with A.i.d.S. as the first vinyl release, the countdown is started !
He appears on different labels such as Notek, Decoupage, Ultra Brain Dance…

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