Annihilation Podcast #4 September

Annihilation Podcast was  online every month on SoundCloud and managed By Peter White. This podcast is a podcast on every differentes styles of Hard and core music.
So Dj Arkane take the Speedcore part of the podcast.


Playlist :

a Wots My Code – Dubplate (Total Science Remix)
B1 Nevermind – American Horror
Jessy James & Lucifer Squad – Satan (Speedcore-Mix)
A Counterstrike & Gein – Pentagram
B2 Mr. Porc – La Bete
B1 DJ Freak – Inception
A2 Fucking Hostile – Fucking Hostile (Brooklyn Mix)
B1 Gringo – Rules
A3 Mourouche – Acidium
A3 Micron – Terribly Vexed
A Mr. Porc – Putrefaction Du Son
A2 – Noizefucker – Electric Waves Co-producer – Hellseeker
A1 Sonic Overkill – I’ll Be Watching You Die
A Junkie Kut – Hologram
B1 Sonic Overkill – Satanas
A2 Cudgel – Suicide Is The Way
A3 PC Bassez 86 – Gabbamovement
A4 Submachine Drum – Foot Up A Dogz Ass
A1 Fracture 4 – Destined For Distortion
A2 Berzerker
A1 Amiga Shock Force – Untitled
A Xylocaine – We Like Dogs (Spidergrind Mix)
A-Track – Gangsta breaks ( ammo records am004 )

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