Annihilation Podcast #6 November

Annihilation Podcast was  online every month on SoundCloud and managed By Peter White. This podcast is a podcast on every differentes styles of Hard and core music.
So Dj Arkane take the Speedcore part of the podcast.

Playlist :

A-Track – Gangsta breaks ( ammo records am004 )
A1 Total Output – Diminished Responsibility
B2 Noizefucker – Feelings Of Hate (666 Mix)
D3 Disorder – Surgical Strike
A1 Drokz – Anti Social Braindestruction
B2 Untitled –  The – Frightening Shadows
A4 TerrorMasta – Braindestruction Rmx
A1 C-Tank – Party Is Over
A3 Komprex – Perverse Darkness
B2 Paranoizer – Terminal Damage
A2 Mr. Porc – Noize Electrik
A1 Hellfish & Bryan Fury – UK Scumbags
B1 Convectorh – Voyager 3000
B1 Untitled –  The – Deathmask
B1 Total Output – Lethal
B1 Darkside – Requiem Of Kaos
A1 Micropoint – Ping Machine
B2 Micropoint – Pied De Porc !
B3 DJ Mutante – Die Just Die
B1 RoughSketch – Ganjapanic
A-Track – Gangsta breaks

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Dj Arkane – Enter The Factory On Toxic Sickness 14 November 2015

Podcast Enter the Factory manage By Man and Hardcoholics
Stream on Toxic Sickness november 14 2015

Playlist :

Epsilon – Six
Sinister Souls – Make Them Dead
Negative Network – Night Shift
Medium & Paul Blackout – Feeding Time
Hard Way The – Pentagram Of Coke
Biochip C. – The Nightbreed Is Back (Remix – Speed Freak )
Taciturne – 4 4 Dictature
Bong-Ra – Crawlers (Akira Remix)
Karyane – Untitled
Detest – 2Obscore
Armaguet Nad – Space Cry
Fist Of Fury – A Tribute To Manifest
Animal Intelligence – Now You Know
Fruity 6 – F.M. (Producer – Flexx)
Atomic Compressor – Full Moon
Eradicator – Cologne Boring M.F.
Syndicate – Visions Of Death
Destroyer The – What Do You Want
Liquid Blasted – Make Love At War
Guyver – Darkness
DJ Freak – Hard Of Hearing
Deterrent Man – Axis Against All
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[ITAOC] Show #1 November 2015 On Gabber.FM

In The Arkane Of Core is a Monthly Show on web radio Gabber.Fm host and mix by Dj Arkane.
The Show is running so you can listen it every second wednesday of month 6pm to 7pm on


[ITAOC] Show #1 On Gabber.Fm November 2015


Arkane :

Playlist :
A2 Syndicate – Wize Wordz
A Outside Agency, The – The Solution
A1 Wipeout – Darkened World
A1 Entity & Slam – Get On
C Counterstrike & Cooh – Computer Control
B2 Iom Factory – Motherfuckin’ Beez
C Counterstrike & Cooh – Computer Control
B2 Iom Factory – Motherfuckin’ Beez
A Donny – Forgotten Coma (Counterstrike Duomix)
A El_Fin – Tooth Enamel
A 01 Catscan – Tricky Railroad
Milan – Amiga Trash EP – A1 – You Make Me Feel
A2 Frazzbass – Ready For Destruction (Hypersonik RMX)
A Paulblackout – Simulated Demons
B2 Komprex – We Are Deprevad People
A1 Doormouse – Toxic Jungle
B Weapons – Waffen
A2 Cryogenic – Realins Of God
A2 Delta Nine – Speaker Worship
A1 Napalm – Ein Hasslied

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