Annihilation Podcast #7 December

Annihilation Podcast was  online every month on SoundCloud and managed By Peter White. This podcast is a podcast on every differentes styles of Hard and core music.
So Dj Arkane take the Speedcore part of the podcast.


Playlist :

Crazy 2NR + Speedcore Whore – Terrorhead
HFK – Robotics Dream v.
Hersenerosie – Escaping The Void
Breakforce One – The Path
Psyclown – Fuck Religion
DJ Fistfuck – Make Me Vomit
Drokz , Tafkat & MC Klit – Bek Schijten (Intelligente Speedcore Mix)
Breakforce One – Mikey
10JONK-T – Haus Teen Powa
Pionierkommando 36 – Out Of AmmoMourouche – Acidium
10JONK-T – Loutre Tombe
Noisekick vs. Frazzbass – Still Alive
Psyclown – Inside
Rob Gee & Deterrent Man – Heil 909
Paranoizer – Third Degree
Jensen & Lowtek – Born In Pain
Jimmy S – Told Around
Hellz Army – Spaced Out
Tripped – Foggy Cunt
Noisekick – Noisekick Op Dreef
Hellseeker – Chipcore
A-Track – Gangsta breaks

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