Mix @ No New Style Party Disaster @ The Farm Party 25/06/2016

Mix record by Arkane for No New Style Party Disater at the farm on 25-06-2016 Cigole Casina Régole Italia

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B Matt Fraktal – La Force
Speedloader & Arkane – Underground My Love
A2 Mouse – Vlad
A Liza. N. Eliaz – Species
A1 Kwet-Kwet – LaKrimoza*
A2 Gwakaï – Makhno
Speedloader & Arkane – Monotöne Transfer (not on Label yet)
A1 No Name – Spirit
john dark – messe_noire
A1 Mouse – Untitled
B3 No Name – A
A2 DJ Enthrall & Angstorm – Extr. S.O.S
A1 Fist Of Fury – The Exorcist Part I
B1 John Dark – Le Rythme Infernal
Speedloader & Arkane – Nose Breaker (not on label yet)
A2 Micropoint – Dishwasher
A1 Neurocore – Dlaczego Tak Daleko


[ITAOC] Show #8 June 2016 On Gabber.FM

In The Arkane Of Core is a Monthly Show on web radio Gabber.Fm host and mix by Dj Arkane.
The Show is running so you can listen it every second wednesday of month 6pm to 7pm on www.gabber.fm


[ITAOC] Show #8 On Gabber.Fm June 2016


Playlist :

A Gangsta Trax – Goodfellas
B1 Sarin Assault – Kutabare Hardcore
A3 Senical – Drom 3
A1 Fist Of Fury – Mask 2
A1 Senical – Drom 6
B2 Rom1 – Jean-Patrik
A1 Infernal Noise – Second Impact
A1 Welkor – Diabolum Maestro
A1 Omar Santana – Step The Fuc Back (Oh Fuc He’s Back Mix)
A1 Rinse – First Divinity
A2 Fist Of Fury – Is Dat Machine
B1 King Smoke Atomic Compressor – Untitled
A1 Rom1 – Minimalist Cession
B3 Senical – Drom 1
B1 Art Is Anal – Borneo Core
B1 Psykotropp – Dépendances Circulaires
A1 Animal Intelligence – Now You Know
A1 909 Junkies – Uncle Sal
Arkane&Speedloader – Nose Breaker Raw mastering


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