Kmra Party April 2007 Caves le Chapelet

Kmra Party was a serie of 3 Hardcore Breakcore Speedcore Party
that was on April 2007 @ les caves du chapelet in Paris organised by ARAWAK.


With : Obiwan, Helius Zhamiq, AK 47, Psyko-T, Dara, Max

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Spacial Experience Party 17/02/2007

Mix recorded during the Spacial Experience Savigny le Temple (91) 17/02/2007

Party With :

Art is Anal, Dr Macabre, Marc’N, Obiwan, Jamie C, AK47, Sonic Rush,

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Kick Da Boat Party January 2007

Kick Da Boat was on January 2007 @ Le Bateau Fantom Paris
Organised By Arawak.


With : Daisy, Lobotomix, TSX, Speedloader, Yaum


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Hardcore – Conquest Party Febuary 2006 @ Le Plan, Ris Orangis

Hardcore Conquest Party was on February 2006 @ le Plan Ris Orangis IDF.
Was Organised By Arawak.



With : The Speed Freak, SX Pistols ( Al Core vs Japan), Wilfuck, ChaosBringer, TSX, Yaum,



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Violentus Mix 2005

Violentus Mix
Recorded in 2005


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Kuadruple Head Fucking mix

Kuadruple head Fucking mix
Mix Record in 2005 when I arrived In Paris


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No Brainer Party Arreau (31) 2003

That the record of mix @ No-Brainer Party on 2003 somewhere near Arreau (31)

2 mix :

1 mix Battle with T-Ton and Asmatik.

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1 mix Battle with T-Ton

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Private Party @Villefranche 2003

Private Party @ Villefranche with T-Ton


Mix record during a Private Party BBQ style @ Villefranche with T-Ton

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Le Noyau Dur FM Radio Jrmix 2003

My first mix I recorded with my first nickname on 2003 for the FM French Radio L’écho des Guarrigues and Le Noyau Dur Show host By KLem (Signal Zero)



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The FirstOne Mix


The FistOne Is the first Mix I recorded I think around 2000 or maybe 1999, don’t really remember exactly.



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